Friday, July 25, 2014

The Problem of Being Overly Busy

Are you busy?  Probably, it seems we are all busy.  There is a huge problem that comes from us being busy all the time.  You see, we are told in scripture about a whole lot of "one anothers".  We are to support, care for, love, help and carry burdens for one another.  We are too be there and support one another and be knit together into the body of Christ.  Are we doing the things we should do as His body?

We see in Acts that all the believers were together daily.  They worshiped together every day, they prayed together, ate together and supported one another.  They devoted time and energy to one another.  The problem that comes with being so busy is that it takes the time away from being together with one another.  Most of the things that keep us busy are devoted mostly to ourselves.  We are busy with our jobs, hobbies, duties and obligations, projects, family, so on and so on.  We are so focused on ourselves and doing what is good for us that we have become too busy to maintain and build relationships.

Sometimes church keeps us so busy that we forget to be the church.  We spend so much time doing, setting up chairs, making coffee, writing or editing or making copies and preparing that we forget to do what we are suppose to be doing.  We spend so much time on the other pursuits that we forget that we are called to be with one another.  We are so busy with the tasks that we forget to love and care for one another.  We are ok bring 8 of 10 people along because we've forgotten it's all about the people.

Are you too busy?  Could be it's a sin in your life and you need to find a way to not be so busy.  Find a way to connect and grow with others into the body of Christ.  Stop doing church and be the church, and take an example from Acts, be together.  Be united and be less busy.

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