Saturday, July 5, 2014

Live Deliberately in Christ

Henry David Thoreou said "I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately".  I went into the ministry because I wanted to live deliberately.  Church life should be deliberate, and it should be a life that is too the fullest.  The Christian life should be the most freeing and amazing, so why isn't it?  We live in this world and culture of rules, of do and do not, but is that really what God intended for us?  Was it suppose to be a burden to live the Christian life?  For those of you thinking "yes, the road is narrow and few find it" I would say maybe you should keep looking, you might just be off the road.

The road, the Christian life of deliberate living, it's freedom.  You don't have to do the things that bring obliteration, that bring spiritual suffering.  I see all those out there who are suffering from self inflicted wounds.  Those who are bleeding internally because they are constantly shoving sharp knives into their guts.  Knives like guilt, blame, hate, anger, and the continual failure of trying to behave in a way that is no love, but religion.

Let's give up on religion, we all know it doesn't work.  Let's give up on following the rules that we have made.  We make the rules that we can't keep, and then we impose them on others.  We make ourselves crazy, and other miserable.  Let's stop, drop and read the words of Jesus.  Then, only then will we find real joy, real happiness and live deliberately.

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