Saturday, April 9, 2016

My War with Bitterness and Frustration

There are days when I just want to pack up a few things and leave civilization all together. I hear things on the radio, the news, read them online, the news paper and in social media. This world makes me upset, sometimes just plain angry. I shouldn't get mad, I should just trust God, but I struggle. I don't understand how people can be so ignorant sometimes.

We are all about social progress these days. We are focusing on self esteem and self expression. Now that gay marriage is legal, it's transgender time. Now we want anyone to be able to express any gender they want. This means I can go in the ladies locker room if I decide I feel like a woman that day. News flash, this is stupid and ludicrous. Your gender is genetically defined, it's not a choice. I can't decide to be a woman, a cat or a tree. I'm a human male, it's not a choice. It's not open to interpretation. It's not fluid. What is wrong with this country?

I'm not going to start on politics, socialism, the election and the running joke that has made of our country. The selfish and short sighted worldview in our country is ridiculous. Why would we make it easier for pedophiles when things like pedophilia is on the rise? Had America gone stupid?

These issues aren't even my biggest issues lately. I'm frusterated most of all with the church I see in this country. The gates of hell may not prevail against the church, but America trashed it pretty bad. Our manners are horrible, people are selfish and shallow, the doors are closing, the need is huge and pastors are burned out. The only ones doing well are the prosperity preachers and the heretics. We are a country of shallow thinking, feeling driven, needy and lazy people.

We took the church and made it a business. Pastors embrace a CEO model and age more worried about being respected and having authority than walking with people. In today's model, we would rather fire a struggling Pastor and throw out a volunteer that isn't performing well than to try to mentor them. We give up on people. Jesus restored Peter, we would have sent him back to fishing. Thomas world have been fired for doubting.

We study the Bible to prove our theology instead of letting the Bible prove our theology. We toss out anything with weight, we just want what is easy. We don't struggle, we don't suffer. We want easy life, God that fits in our pocket and a doctrine that we can understand, control and makes concessions for what we want.

News flash, we are sinners, God is holy and you can't control anything. You can't tell your dead heart to beat. Sin is still sin. If you lie, cheat, steal, hurt people or lust, it's sin. Sex outside of marriage between a man and woman is sin. Always. God hates divorce, and your justification doesn't change that. We want to turn a blind eye, but never the other cheek. We will be ok with whatever Trump does or says but if a Pastor messes up, we shout crucify. Leave Mark Driscoll alone already, God will take care of Mark. Deal with Joel and Joyce.

There you go. More people will listen to Steven Anderson say something totally ignorant than will read my blog. People will flock to causes like gay, transgender pride rallies in support of Planned Parenthood, but won't give a thought of how their behavior is destroying America by making us selfish, blind and lazy. People have been so concerned about everyone being able to seek pleasure, we don't notice we are causing all the pain.

I struggle and I get angry. Part is my pride and my ego. I think I'm right and I think if people would listen to me, I could help fix things. I feel like I have some good things to say and contribute. Right now I have few real outlets. I'm frusterated because I see destruction and have little recourse. Maybe I'm a modern prophet, or just an arrogant guy who thinks he knows too much. Either way, I have to fight off the bitterness.