Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Dream

I have a dream, and I am praying that God blesses it and helps me. I feel passionate about helping people who have been called to make a difference. I want them to have training, support and resources to do what they feel called to do. I have created "The Revolution Inversion" an organization dedicated to helping people create an environment which brings Glory to God and creates opportunity for sharing the gospel, bible study, worship, fellowship and prayer. You can see more at the Revolution Inversion blog, the entry called The RI Manifesto.

It began with wanting to help High School students have Christian Organizations on their campuses. I have encouraged High School students to pray and have Bible Study on campuses. It has grown to a desire to help College Students and I spent time as a Campus Ministry Director. I have now seen the need goes beyond school, but many want to start a Bible Study at work, at home, in their community, with friends and neighbors.

The Purpose to the Revolution Inversion is help Believers to establish an environment for ministry, outreach, discipleship and prayer in any and every aspect of their lives, where ever God has called them. To create Bible Studies, prayer times and ministry opportunities to live out their faith in real ways in their communities and in their daily lives.

My dream starts with materials, publications and resources for people to use and ignite their passions. To help them identify their ministry and mission field and to begin the hard work. My dream includes having leaders who work with me to do training and support for those who want to do amazing work. My dream includes a resort and retreat area for camps, conferences and trainings to mobilize the army of Revolutionaries to go out and change the world. It's a big dream, it's going to take time, work and money.

The idea of a Revolution Inversion is to push back the other way, against the cultural movement toward destruction. To Revolt against the flesh and against the power of Satan's forces. We will take light into the darkness and light up the darkness with the truth. My dream is students sharing with students, praying and reading the Bible in public school and creating a push back, an inversion against the deterioration of morals and ethics. My dream is young couples who are living in apartment buildings starting Bible Study and prayer meeting. My dream is labors and professionals alike starting Bible Studies and prayer groups at work. I dream of a movement that the atheists, humanists and communists can't stop.

For my dream to happen, God must work. This is totally a work of God. It will require money, time, resources, help and God's power to bring out men and women, students and leaders to make my dream a reality. I am praying that God will bless this dream, that He will open doors for people to take the mantle of Revolutionaries, to work to start Christian Organizations, who will be trained, who will offer training and will work with me to make this dream a reality. I am praying for God's power, for His provision and for His mighty hand at work. You can pray with me and for me. If you are interested in becoming a Revolutionary, let me know. Thanks everyone!