Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Freedom of Dependance

Tomorrow, we celebrate our declaration of independence from Great Britain.  Having freedom is one of the greatest things we could celebrate, especially the religious freedom the Seperatists came to the United States (British colonies then) to find.  They wanted the freedom to be dependent on God.  We remember the men who declared independence, knowing that many of them were Christians, coming here for the freedom to worship apart from the Anglican church of England.  They wanted to worship in the way they believed was right.

Here we are, more than 200 years later, and celebrating all they fought for.  We take a day a year to celebrate what was fought and died for, but during the year, do we live for what they died for?  Do we use our freedom of worship to really pursue the original American dream?  The dream of those pilgrims of the Mayflower who came here to worship freely?  The dream of the Puritans, the Baptists, the Seperatists who risked life across the Atlantic and who suffered harsh conditions for the sake of worship?  Do we put the same importance on our ability to worship?  I hope we do.

This year, beyond the 4th of July, take time to be free.  Be free to be dependent upon God, to be dependent on other believers and be committed to worship and fellowship and honoring God.  Don't let the reason this country was founded be in vain, but celebrate the purchase of our freedom of faith.

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