Monday, July 7, 2014

Dream Big

Do you dream big?  I hope you do.  I have been a pretty big dreamer most of my life, I do sometimes fail when it comes time to "pull the trigger".  You have probably read some of my big dreams if you are a subscriber.  You know I have had a big dream about church planting.  God has not yet opened that door, I keep hoping and praying and waiting.  It hasn't happened yet.  Another one of my big dreams is what I want to focus on today.  A big dream with Student Ministries.  Remember The Revolution Inversion?  Still a dream.

If you don't recall, The Revolution Inversion is calling people to revolt towards God away from society.  We have these so called revolutions that push us away from truth, morals and God's laws.  The RI (for short) is a call to move back towards God, to love God and love others.  It's a call to build real community and to reach out and serve those around you.

The core idea came with Bible Studies that can be done over a quick break, I call them Power Snacks.  Each Power Snack is a couple of verses and a couple of questions to be asked during lunch break or any other time that students can get together.  From there, Small Group Bible Studies that eventually grow into a full out Campus Ministry that orginizes into a club.  Call it church planting for the High School, growing Student Ministry Orginizations on the Great Student Mission field we call the Public School.

I have materials done, I have resources in the works.  I lack time and funds, something that always is in short supply.  My big vision?  RI Campus Ministries all over the US, RI groups in the work places, taking a 15 minute break for a Bible Study.  Camps and retreats that students can come too and get trained and eqipped.  Adult volunteers working in school campuses to bring the gospel.  Christian teachers partnering with students.  It's a big dream.

Will I ever get there?  I sure hope so.  It's a big dream, a God sized dream.  I pray every day that God will allow me to be used by Him to reach out and touch the hearts of people.  My dream is to empower students to do great things for God before they graduate, to be amazing Disciples of Christ and an example to all.  I hope you will pray for my big dream and share your big dream with me.

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