Thursday, July 10, 2014

Should We Be Sin Police?

News flash, I sin.  Bigger news flash, you sin too.  We are all guilty of sin, and so is every person on earth.  When it comes to sharing our faith, how much do we need to point out to people they are sinners.  Do people know they are sinners?  Who's job is it too convict of sin?  What should we as believers do when it comes to the sin of another person?

Talking with my wife this morning about some of the people Jesus talked too.  He forgave them, he healed them, but seldom did he bring up their sin, with the exception of the Woman at the Well.  Never did He tell them they needed to ask for forgiveness, He usually said something about their faith and that they were forgiven of sins.  Jesus knew these people already were under conviction, but we aren't Jesus.  So what do we do?

I believe most people know they have sinned.  I have talked to many who know they have sinned and done things wrong.  They need to know that Jesus died to free them from sins, that is the most important part.  The Holy Spirit will convicted them of sin.  They need to know there is freedom.  Peter and Paul both told people to repent and turn from sin.  We need to tell people there is freedom, but not always do we need to point out how much sin they really have.

In my experience, I have asked people if I owed them a dollar for every good thing, and they owed me a dollar for every bad thing, who owes who money?  The reality is most people know they owe money because they have done wrong.  Let's let the Holy Spirit do the conviction, we need to tell them how to be free.  Praise be to God through Jesus Christ for our Freedom!

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