Thursday, July 24, 2014

Open Letter for All Christians

Dear Fellow Christians,
     We have it wrong, we have put the emphasis on the wrong place for far too long.  I am talking about the focus on changing the country through legislation.  We have tried to make laws against immorality and sin.  We have tried to change people, tried to make them obey the things we have held sacred and dear.  The reality is, we can't.  We can't legislate people into right behavior, and we can't make laws to get people to heaven.  We have focused on the law and on legal routes.
    Let's change, let's try to change society and the world by telling people about Jesus.  The early church changed the Roman empire by being salt and light, not senators or Caeser.  They changed it at the grass roots level.  They changed the world because they loved the world, because God loves the world.  Let's share Christ, it changes people.
In Love,

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