Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mid Morning Thoughts- Do You Need Church?

It's Sunday morning, an we are getting ready for church.  Well i'm not, I'm writing, I already got ready for church.  Across the country, people are getting pretty (or handsome or whatever) and getting ready to go to a building they call church.  A good number of them are running late, some are fighting, many are yelling at kids.  This weekly routine we get into on the way to church, then we put on the happy face, play nice for about an hour and then we go home.  Why do we do this each week?

Most of us are hungry for more of life than the 9 to 5, the weekends of yard work, relaxation and playing with the toys we work so hard for.  We are left feeling empty with the running ragged, playing hard when we are done and looking forward to the future of. . . . well death.  There has to be more, right?  So pack up and head to church, looking for more.  Is the secret at church?  Nope.

The secret is the church.  You were made for community, to belong and to connect, and you need it often and you need is honest.  You need it more than just one hour a week, and you need more than superficial, happy face relationships.  You need people to love and care about you, to speak truth into your life and be the hands and feet of Jesus for you.  They need you to love and care about them, to speak truth and be the hands and feet in their lives.  You need them, they need you.  What you don't need is an organization to make this happen.  You need a church, and a great option is the local church.  Attend church, but don't wait for them to invite you into a small group, Bible Study or fellowship group to get involved with others.  Don't wait for others to come find you.  Be proactive, seek out fellowship and find what you need and what life is all about.  Drink up life my friends.

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