Monday, July 28, 2014

The Breakfast time Curse

Know what makes me nuts?  Well, there are a couple of things, but this one is maddening.  Cereal dust.  You know, you go to pour some cereal into a bowl and you get a pile of sawdust that was at one time your cereal?  I know it's an inevitability, the life of cereal is packing, sealing, packing, shipping, unpacking, stocking, buying, bagging, unbagging, opening and pouring.  Cereal dust is bound to happen, but someone must have a solution.  Can't we start a fund for someone to find the solution to the cause of Cereal dust?  It's a plague on humanity.

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  1. responding to your question on SBCvoices, this:

    "how do I, a simple man become a conduit of the Immortal, All Powerful, All Knowing God of the Universe who holds all of creation in His hand?"

    practice 'caritas' ('kindness' like that of Our God) and do this in the manner that was shown to you and taught to you by Our Lord and the Apostles . . .

    there is tremendous transcendent power for good
    in a simple act of kindness in His Name . . .
    He is the Source of that power,
    and you are the conduit that shows His kindness to those in need of it . . .