Monday, September 8, 2008

A young view of morality

I was listening to the radio today about how young people today are more likely to see ethics and morality as relative. I have a new theory. I think young people have always seen ethics and morality and more relative, it's as they get older and gain wisdom that they begin to see the concreteness. It takes time to see that some principles and precepts are rock-solid truth.

I think we love to re-package it, point it out, make charts and graphs. I think it’s our tendency to always think it’s getting worse. If one aspect gets better, than we look for something else to get worse. The kids in this generation are more spiritual, are looking for spiritual answers, and I believe we have a greater opportunity.

To back to the theory of young people always looking at ethical relativism. Here is my theory. They are like that because the older generation is selfish. We don’t disciple them, we don’t nurture them, we get a youth pastor, we stick them in a classroom and hope they grow up to be good people. We don’t act like Paul, and blame them for not acting like Timothy. The younger generation will never learn from the older generation if that generation is not teaching them.

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