Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alvin Reid and a talking Possum

Some of you may look at the title of this blog and wonder what Alvin Reid and a talking possum have in common. Some of you may know who Dr Reid is, if not, you should read Radically Unchurched. I am reading Join the Movement (get this one too) and read something that I witness myself from a talking possum. The possum was a puppet in the Pro Kids event here at the church. It was a great event for the kids, and a great outreach time. He shared Christ is a great and very visual way.
In the book, Dr Reid writes about children being asked if they are artist. First graders jump out of their seats (like my kids last night). Second Graders, about half raised their hands. The older the kids, the less excited they were. How I wish I could see adults act like the kids did last night. The young kids were so excited, the older kids were sort of excited. The youth were less excited still, I am sure we adults looked bored.
What will it take to get another Jesus Movement, another Great Awakening? Will it start with me? I hope so. Will it start with you? I hope that is true also. Lets get excited again. I know it’s still down there, gotta just let it out.

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