Monday, September 15, 2008

Opening the door for destruction

I was listening to Adrian Rogers on the radio this morning. He was talking about the book of Judges, and how everyone did what was right in their own eyes. He began to talk about moral, or lack there of, and something I had been thinking about was confirmed. Why we, as the church, must take a stand against so much of what the Government, schools and state is attempting to do. We have to push back against the loss of morality and this is why.
Let me use abortion for example. There are a large number of abortions happening because they can. Simply put, people are less concerned about getting pregnant because it can be “undone”. Marriage is the same way, people tie the knot because they can also untie it just as easy. It’s easy to do the wrong thing, because we have taken away the natural limits, consequences and concerns. Sex is no longer equated with marriage and family, because there is so much sex without it joining people or making children. In those situations when children are conceived, they are destroyed.
The same holds true for condoms in the school, we have given opportunity to kids, it appears as if we expect them to have sex young. Kids will usually meet the expectations set for them. We as the church need to start pushing to put the expectations back up there. Realities and consequences need to remain in tact.


  1. I think that we as the church should stop trying to legislate morality, and stop worrying what the government is doing and start standing up for Holiness. If our churches across America would start holding up that standard, just with its members, then the world would be drawn to Christ and then society would begin to change and then government would have no choice but follow.

    The problem is that there is as much sin inside the church as there is outside of it. Christians are no different then non believers. Church has become more of a ritual that we do to feel good about ourselves. Instead we should be going to church to experience God and fellowship with other believers.

  2. Nice post. It amazes me that today's American church has adopted an almost universalist idea when approaching society and culture. In many ways we've bought in to the idea of "perception is reality" and "what's right for you...". Are we practicing cultural reclusivity or cultural abandonment?

    It's interesting that Deut 6.4-9 reminds us to constantly have the law of God on our hearts and in our heads. We're commanded to make our lives acts of worship from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. What would happen if we believed and practiced this?