Thursday, September 25, 2008


When I was younger, my youth pastor invested in me. He mentored me and took me under his wing and gave me some great opportunities. When I got a little older, my pastor really took me under his wing, took me aside and told me about being in ministry. He invested a lot into me. When I got into junior college our Director of Missions took me under his wing. He worked with me to start a college group at our junior college. He walked beside me, taught me and gave me guidance. When I went away to the university, the pastor of the church I went too took me aside. He took me under his wing, gave me guidance and really invested in me.

Do you see a pattern emerging here? I have friends in ministry who never had this, and they long for it. They grew up in churches where the pastors didn't invest in them, a few of my friends didn't grow up in church, and never had the chance.

I don't think it happens today like it should. I think the mentoring, investing and guiding principle that Paul demonstrated is lost. I'm not going to lose it. Men have invested in me, so I am going to invest in some guys. I know of a few young men at Heatland, a couple are youth, a few are in their 20s that I am going to invest myself in. I am going to walk with them, tell them what I can that will help them. I want to invest myself in others like those men invested in me. Who can you invest in?

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  1. My Dear friend,
    I just wnat to thank you for the time you have spend with me.I'll be praying for you.