Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Splitting hairs

I was thinking about a conversation I had with someone who just liked to argue. Ever met those people. Anyway, we were talking about predestination. I made the comment about God predestining based on decisions we make because God sees all of time at once. He said "that's not predestination, that's foreknowledge". Here is my thought that I had this morning.

Somedays I run to the store and I take one of my kids with me. I know my kids, I understand their personalities, and I know if Brayden hasn't napped and it's 3:30, he will fall asleep in the car. I know if that happens, it will be a mess in the store, he'd be grumpy. If Kaylee just got home from school, she is probably ready to just be home for a while, and will ask "can we go home now", so I'll take Collin.

Now I predestined which child would go based on foreknowledge. If I took them, I am reasonably certain my predictions would come to pass. God, He's never wrong. So I guess my thought is, if God predestined me since the foundation of the world, yet knew everything I would say and do, every choice and opinion I would have since the foundation of the world, how would the predestination not be by foreknowledge?

So I think the predestination/foreknowledge argument is splitting hairs. I think God knows and gives free will, yet calls us and saves us according to His own volition, but I think He does that knowing who I am. Just like I know my kids. The work of salvation is still His work, but it's not random or in a vacumme.

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