Thursday, September 11, 2008

Counterfeit revival

I have been reading about revivals, and thinking about the things happening in this day and age. I am not going to talk about anyone specifically, I am sure you can think of some people, but I think we live in the day of counterfeit "movements". Let me explain. When we have revivals come in, when we have people getting together and getting excited, what are they excited about? God? Salvation? Holiness? Often, they are excited about what is done for them. They come for blessing, they come for healing, they come to put an end to their misery and have the best life. They want to be blessed and happy.

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, that is, unless that is your only concern. What about forgiven, turning away from sin, following Christ and living for Him? That is where real revival happens. Do you know what is the most comment result of revival is? A missionary movement. How many of our modern revivals are producing a missionary movement? It's because true revival gives you a passion for the heart of God. That's spiritual awakening.


  1. If the response to a heart of God is a missionary movement, then why do we base our church size and denominational size and growth numbers upon attendance? Why not have an honest evaluation of our position based on the number of people actively involved in missions?

  2. Let's look at things in a different light. If our churches were truly following the heart of Christ, then wouldn't we be having "revivals" everyday? We wouldn't need to bring in an evangelist and make a big spectical of the week.

    So, is the problem the people or the churches? I believe that God is pouring His spirit out and people are seeking. Why wait for a special week or time. All we have to do is step out our front doors and let the Spirit lead.