Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Suffer the Little Children

InMark, chapter 10 Jesus is teaching the disciples. During the teaching time, some children are brought to Jesus. The disciples rebuke the mothers for interrupting important teaching time. These kids are interrupting our church service. They are breaking up our Small Group, this is our Sunday School hour. Get these noisy, dirty kids out of here. The scripture says that Jesus was indignant. He was indignant with His disciples, and I think He would be at us also.

The King James Version says "suffer the little children to come unto me (Jesus)". I think we have changed it into "make the children suffer to come unto me". We can't get workers in our children's classes, we can't get time or programs to teach the children, we can't seem to figure out how to help disciple or grow the children. Maybe, just maybe in the way we have done children's ministries, we should all be fit for millstones. (see Matthew 18:5-6).

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