Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cryptic and metaphorical jargon

I was listening to Christian radio today, and keep hearing metaphors that I really don't think help the average believer. Have you ever heard someone say "just climb up in your heavenly Father's lap". What does that even mean (it's rhetorical, please don't give me your theological interpretation).

So often I hear these glib and trite metaphors, when no one really seems to understand what it means. I'm not gonna do it. Instead, pray that God gives you comfort, pray and thank Him for provision. Spend time with Him in prayer, in study, thinking about the word and telling others.

I think the church (the universal body of beleivers) need more of direction, not metaphors and allegory and nice pithy sayings. Love God, obey His commands, which you learn from reading the Bible and going to church. Maybe that's really climbing in Him lap, I don't know.

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  1. I think that christians have a tendency to use "christianease." That language that only long time church going christians know. That way we sound so much more spiritual and mature. Jesus had something to say to the religious leaders about this. He called them, "...white washed tombs." They(we) look good and spiritual on the outside, but we are really dead and unspiritual on the inside.