Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thinking Woven: Your Life as a Movie

Much of our disagreement about salvation, particularly in the area of predestination and election comes from a false understanding of time.  More specifically, where is God in aspect of time.  I have proposed that God is outside of time.  Here is a simple reason why, if God were subject to time, yet is eternal, then God would be stuck in eternity past.  In order to move forward in time, there must be a place to start.  Imagine running a race, but you exist eternally back from the starting line, when would you start?  How would you ever reach the starting line if you are eternally away from the line?  If God has always been, yet inside time, how would He arrive at the present?

If God is outside of time, He must exist at all time (from our point of view) simultaneously.  If this is true, the question of "when" becomes irrelevant.  If God calls us right now, at the foundations of the world, or at the end, it's all the same to God.  Let us look at it as if we are in a movie.  From us, we are only in the movie once, we act the scene and it's over (sorry, no rehearsal, no scene two, it's a reality type show).  In this movie, I accept Christ, for me it's an event in time, it happens and I didn't know it was going to happen until it happens and I make decisions that brought me to this place.  The movie ends, God opens the DVD player and take the movie out.  God then decides later to watch the movie again, and it's back at the beginning, before I accept Christ.  Am I going to accept Christ in this movie?  Yes, of course I am, the movie doesn't change.  I still make the choices, I still do the things I decide to do, I am not forced or scripted, but it's happened.  From God's point of view, it will happen as the movie plays out, it has happened because He's watching it and it will happen when it get to that scene.

This is a flawed analogy of course, but it makes us think.  If God has already seen me do this, if the choices I make I have already made, I just haven't gotten to that scene myself, why are we so worked up over this whole idea of predestined.  After all, predestined really means that God is working in our lives to bring things together that from His perspective have already come into being.  It has happened, it's happening and it will happen in this timey wimey thing (All my whovian readers will enjoy that).  Let's not get freaked out because God exists so far beyond us, let's just be thankful that He does.

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