Friday, March 28, 2014

Feed Your Passion

I have some very strong passions when it comes to ministry.  I have a passion for teaching, my heart cried to help people serve God in a successful setting and feel empowered to be used.  I am passionate about seeing that look on someone's face when they connect truth with their lives.  I love to teach, I would teach about God's truth and God's word all day long.  I love to talk about God, to talk about the Bible, to talk about the Church.  I love to connect people into groups that empower them to grow, serve, share and seek the way the New Testament says we should. I love these things, and they are starving because I haven't been feeding them.

Vocational Ministry ended for me almost 2 years ago, and since then I have worked in a couple places.  I have always found believers and we have always talked and fellowshipped (I made a new word).  I have tried to encourage and used opportunities to teach, but it was scraps off the table for my passion.  I work crazy hours now, I am at work every other Sunday, and my heart's desire is to plant a church that is different than anything I've experienced.  Home church based, cooperate worship maybe once a month that focuses on worship.  Teaching through the week like we saw during the Reformation, but the bread and butter is the home church groups.  I am moving beyond small groups, to start home churches that network.  I'm burning to get going, but I can't, so I write.

I have been thinking about the reason why I write.  I don't write for joy, as much as I enjoy writing.  I don't write for me, even though it does help me.  I write to find an avenue to teach, to share, to encourage.  I love coaching, I love helping and I write for you.  I want to write to create tools, helps, supports and things you can use to connect with God, connect with others and be successful in ministry.  I need to write because I'm called to ministry.  I can't leave it, even if I am no longer at a church, my job can be taken away, my salary taken away, my title, but my calling still burns in me and I can't ignore it.  I have to feed this passion.

What's your passion?  Maybe it's helping children, or supporting missions, or even going on missions.  Maybe it's reading or prayer or encouragement.  Are you feeding your passion? In PLACE Ministries material, they talk about people and how they effect your passions.  Some empower you, some share your passions, some support and encourage you, some appreciate you, some will just ignore you and some will suck your life away.  There will be people who will say you can't do it, will tell you that you aren't good enough.  As I writer, I have a nice stack of rejection letters, we all have a good collection of "thanks but no thanks" in our lives.  Life will eat your soul, destroy your passion, crush your spirit, so you have to feed your soul, empower your passion, bring life to your dreams.  I don't know if my writing will ever be successful, I have no idea if I will ever have a publisher invest in my work.  I do know that as long as this burning exists in my soul, I will write and teach and pray and speak and do whatever I can to serve God by serving His people.  Why, cause I love you all and I pray that God uses you to change the world.

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