Sunday, March 23, 2014

Major Decision, Tabling A Work

I have come to a decision when it comes to my Evangelism tool. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a quick history. I started developing a resource to help students reach out to friends. My premise was simple, students want to reach out, but they don’t plan for it. Everything they do is planned, timed and scheduled. To really share their faith, they need to schedule that too. The plan was to make a way for them to plan to share. This simple plan became a book, a tool to help people plan for outreach. I started this project in 2006, the book is complete is a couple different forms, with constant updates. It needs some editing but I have shared it with others, they have used it and everyone seems to think it’s a good resource.
I had thoughts of finishing the editing and putting it up on Amazon for e-readers. I want going to make it digitally available for people, but I have come to a decision that I won’t do that. Let me explain my reasoning.
There is a problem in today’s evangelical culture. That problem is that most professing evangelicals are active in evangelism. Many want to be, they know they should be and they give it a shot from time to time, but seldom do they actually share their faith. Most admit it, you can find all sorts of stats about the few number of those who regularly attend church who also share their faith. It’s a problem, and I think the church as a whole has failed. The problem is that we have lots of resources without aquatley planning for people to use them.
It’s like we took a group of people and trained them how to use a chain saw, but never took them to a forest to use them. Sure, there are trees all around the people, but they never consider cutting them down. We have given people tools, but very rarely we set them up with opportunities. They are trained, but so often the church doesn’t plan to go. The problem to go along with that is we schedule so many times for them to come to church, but we never schedule times to go out. When you take time to schedule evangelism and give people the tools, they share. I have worked with people in FAITH Evangelism and gone out in teams of three and shared our faith. I have done door to door work with adults and youth on many, many occasions and they shared their faith. I have gone with people to the mall, the park, the store and the neighborhoods and they have shared their faith, because we scheduled it and gave them a chance to use the tools in a supportive environment.
Face it evangelicals, we have a problem. We have failed and I don’t want to throw another book at the problem. I want Not Equipped for Failure (the current title) to be just another book. It might help a few who read it, but I want to make a difference. My vision is not just a book, but a training, videos, teaching aids and churches using it to create an outreach program that helps people GO. I want to be able to send out the material, book and video and teaching aids. I want to go to churches, meet people who want to share, show them they can do it and go out with them and let them see they can be successful. I can’t just put my book on Amazon and hope it helps people, I have a passion to help people with my material.

If you want help, if your church wants help making a successful outreach program and enlists, empowers and engages people, please call me. If you want your church to LIVE (a church outreach plan I will teach you) then call me. I would love nothing more than to partner with you. I don’t just simply want to sell you another book.

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