Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ten of the Coolest People I Know

I thought it would be fun to give a bit of props and shout out to some people who have really been a great blessing and help to me.  I didn't put family on this list, because of course Elaine is number 1.  She is definitely the coolest person ever, she is always top of the list.  I also didn't put Jesus on this list because He goes beyond anything I could ever say or describe, He's Lord and Master, not a "cool guy".  If you didn't make the list, don't fret, it's not because I don't love you, I had to narrow the list down to 10, so I picked 10 off the top.  I may do this from time to time, depending on if I get insults hurled at me.  Know I love all my readers, friends, coworkers, church family and people who don't fall into any list but are still awesome.  This is not a ranking from 1 to 10, so all these people are cool, there is no hierarchy.

1.  Dave Miller.  It's probably a mistake to put Dave first, he's gonna get a big head.  Dave gave me a shot to write for SBC Voices.  He is a fun guy, but he is full of compassion and deep down he's a really nice guy.  He is full of sarcasm, but don't let that hinder you, Dave really loves Christ, the Church, people and sports.  I have really appreciated Dave the time I have spent with him.

2. Micah Jessen.  Micah is my partner in crime at work.  We work pretty close together and he is an amazing guy.  He is pretty young, 21 but he has a lot of wisdom.  He also cracks me up but he's always got my back.  I can trust Micah, and we have more fun than people should have at work.  I appreciate him a great deal.

3. Jennifer Pitkin.  The first of our local authors on this list.  She is a big inspiration cause she writes and loves it and moves forward with her writing.  She is a great author and has a great heart.  She has 4 kids she adores and one she had to get on a plane and fly half way around the world to get.  She took her son on a date and they both dressed up like Batman, how amazing is that!  Also want to give a shout out to her husband Matt, who is equally as awesome.  He's a great guy, techie at heart and you gotta love that.  The whole family is pretty awesome.

4. Ed Stetzer.  I've never been able to sit down and talk to Ed, but we connect on social media from time to time.  What I really appreciate about Ed is that he is a straight shooter.  He's funny and honest and doesn't pull his punches.  He makes me laugh, he is a great speaker, author and researcher.  I have learned a great deal from Ed.  He's a pretty big deal, but he still talks to nobodies like me.  His goatee is amazingly epic too (yes, I contributed to the goatee idolatry).

5. Jeff Martindale.  Jeff drives a train, and that should be enough, but he is a down to earth and just cool guy.  Jeff and I have lunch from time to time, and he is one of those people that it's just pleasant to be with him.  He is encouraging, supportive, we have a great time and eat amazing food.  Smoked burger topped with brisket, I mean come on.  Jeff is one of those guys I know I can always count on and he is a great friend to have.

6. Laura Gibson.  She is the second writer on the list, and there are so many things to say about Laura.  I think what impresses me the most is that she knows who she is.  She knows her strengths, her short comings and she has learned to over come all of them.  She is very successful in what she does, and usually has a good time doing it.  She makes me laugh and is a great writer.  I love her use of allegory, she is a very talented writer.  Shout out to Jordan, her amazing husband who is a blast too.  Great guy to talk football with, and we always have a good time.

7. Bob Pederson.  Partner in crime at my previous job, a man who is as theologically minded as he is bald.  He's very bald.  Bob is the guy I can talk to about things that no one else really wants to talk about, he pushes me to think, inspires me to learn and study and best of all, encourages me to be holy.  He is there when I need help, supportive but he also would call me out if need be.  He got me through a really dark and lonely time, and I am so thankful for his friendship.  We have lunch at great little Mexican places, and always enjoy his company.  His wife is awesome too, I appreciate Suzanne and how she keeps Bob in line!

8. Lloyd Grant.  He's my Pastor.  I trust Lloyd and I know he is the man to be the Pastor were I take my family.  Don't read too much into that, there are great pastors who I trust, but Lloyd is who we need at this time in our lives.  He is humble, he is honest, he is funny and witty, he is brilliant and well read.  He is introverted like me, he is thoughtful and he's Canadian.  He pushes me and when we talk, I feel like I am getting someplace.  I am so thankful that I have a man like Lloyd in my life, he is one of the places I turn when I am seeking wisdom.

9. Heidi Hutchinson.  Third local writer on my list, and her books are awesome.  I have enjoyed reading her books and you should too, you should read all the Indiewriters on my list.  Just search Amazon for their names.  Anyway, Heidi is real.  That is pretty rare in this day and age.  Heidi is true to who she is and she is happy.  She smiles, she laughs and she is fun to be around.  She is a great mom, her son is so awesome (he wears an orange Mossy Oak hat).  Her husband Charles in equally amazing,and would be on the list if I didn't decide to cheat and put him with his wife.  Charles is one of the nicest guys I know, he is amazing at what he does, and I have the highest respect for him.  They are a great family!

10. Greg Buchanan.  No list would be complete without Greg, who even though we have been a thousand miles apart for the last 6 years, he knows me and get me and can connect with me like we just hung out.  Greg has been the guy since seminary that I could turn too with issues.  When I have a thought, he talks me through it.  When I write a blog, he comments to help me improve it.  He is a great friend, and I miss playing music with him, Battlefront II, building lightsabres and drawing crowds by fighting with them in the street.  If I could just figure out how to get him to Iowa.

This list could be a whole lot longer.  There are some awesome people I didn't get to include, so I think I'll definitely have to do this again.  Thanks so much to all the great people in my life, you have all helped me to be who I am.  Keep watching for when you make the list, I can also be bribed with baked goods.

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  1. I seriously would have loved this article even if I wasn't on the list. We don't stop to acknowledge enough the people in our lives that really make a difference. We are either too busy, too self absorbed in our own life or we just take them for granted. Thank you Dan.