Saturday, March 8, 2014

Open Letter to the GRHS Class of 95

I can't believe that our 20th year reunion is coming up.  I missed the 10 year reunion, so I'll make sure I make it this year.  High School seemed so long ago, but in many ways, it seems like yesterday.  Many of you I went to Middle School with and some I attended Elementary school.  We grew up together and it's strange now to play those times back in my mind.

I didn't really enjoy Middle School so much.  Ok, I hated it with a passion.  Especially my eighth grade year, I was bullied pretty bad.  I was slow to mature, both physically and socially.  While many boys began to build muscle, I still had my boy fat.  This combined with my slight nerdiness. . . ok my gret nerdiness I got picked on.  It was my seventh grade year that my life changed with my faith and I became very open about my faith in Jesus.  I got teased for that too, but it never bothered me.  I was called God boy, and that always made me laugh, as if that was going to hurt my feelings.

I was bullied less in high school, I found a new kind of bullying.  My friends would find someone to pick on, and it was often me.  I am introverted and never was able to put on muscle and I guess that made me an easy target.

I was pretty happy most of high school, despite the fact I wasn't popular.  I had some good friends, I was mostly ignored and that was ok.  Deep down, I always wanted to be somebody, but never did make a very big splash.  I was not an athlete, not a singer or acter or an academic.  I wasn't much of anything, had a hard time finding my place.  The only place i really felt at home was church, which is why I eventually became a Pastor.  I now prefer the title Theologian to "God Boy" however.

In college, I did better at finding who I was.  In High School, I never dated.  I asked one girl out, she was so sweet when she shot me down.  In college, I dated more but my immaturity still came through.  I had to appologise later in life for many of the mistaked that I made.  I did finally get it right when I started dating Elaine, but I still made my fair share of mistakes.

So here I am, looking at our 20th reunion.  I've been married 13 years, have 3 kids, served in some churches and now I'm working on becoming a writer and getting another Master's degree.  Still trying to figure out who I am.  I discovered that bullies exist everywhere and will seek to cause you pain in every area.  I have found that popularity contests never go away, they just change in nature.  I have found that the lessons I learned in High School never go away but they change.

You will all parts of my life and the lessons you all taught me have influenced me.  I am so thankful for the lessons and the friendship.  Those of you were gave me the occasional hard time, I appreciate how you helped to make me stronger.  Over the years many of you I've kept up with, some I haven't heard much from but I hope you are all doing well.  I am excited to catch up this summer and see everyone.  Maybe I'll dig out the "God is Awesome" tshirt.

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