Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why I Like Dave Miller

Do you know The David Miller of Sioux City?  He has made history in his lime green suit, was 2nd vice pres and leads the way on SBC Voices.  More than that, he is a pastor, father, husband and a pretty good guy.  Now this blog isn't just to suck up to Dave Miller, but I want to use Dave Miller as an example of what is good in the Southern Baptist Convention.  You see, I've been a life long Southern Baptist, and I have been able to do some amazing things.  I've been a Semester Missionary, a Mission Serve Corps Missionary, taught at National Collegiate Week twice, and served in several churches.  I have had opportunity as a young man in the SBC.  Now, as I'm slightly older I have the opportunity to write for SBC Voices, which has been a huge blessing and honor.

Now Dave and I don't always see eye to eye, and I don't agree with him on everything.  I highly respect him, he is a great pastor and a good friend.  He serves God with his whole heart and will admit to the places he's made mistakes.  He is a solid SBC Pastor, and I think there are many out there like Dave, who serve God and love God and work hard.  Thanks Dave for all you do, and for the support you give me.

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