Monday, August 4, 2014

Deal With The Atheist In Your Life

Atheists, those who don't believe in God and often think you are crazy because you do.  They are growing in number and even getting organized these days, thanks to guys like Dawkins.  They look up too Hawkings and read parts of Neitche and often feel intellectually superior to the red neck, back woods Bible thumpin Christian.  They claim there is no proof of God, then dismiss every evidence that exists and say there is no evidence.  Much of their argument is circular and based on belittlement and simply mocking what Christians hold most dear.  Ah the Atheist, how do we deal with these individuals in our lives?

First, you have to love them.  Love them in spite of their venomous hatred, because love covers a multitude of sin.  Love them without condition, without excuse and without limit.  Something happened in the life of the Atheist to cause them to become an Atheist.  Sometimes they deny it, sometimes they claim it's simply intellectualism, but the fact remains that no one is born an Atheist.  People are born essentially deists, believing in the supernatural.  Something comes along to cause them to lack belief (if they do actually lack belief).

Two, realize they have doubts.  They won't admit they have doubts, but they wouldn't fight so hard if they didn't have a doubt someplace deep inside.  Inside of everyone exists a shadow of doubt in what they believe, the Atheist is no different.  There is a struggle deep inside that maybe there is a God.  The fact they have put themselves at odds with God causes them great distress, so they fight hard to eradicate every mention of Him.  Their goal is to eradicate belief, hoping this will cause their doubt to go away.  They won't admit this, not while they are still Atheists.

Lastly, share your faith, share your testimony and share why you love God.  You can't change them, but they can't change you either.  God can change them, God can change you.  Tell them how God has changed you, tell them you have evidence and it's in your life.  Do this with love and respect, after all they are still in the image of God.  Pray for them, love them and share what Christ has done for you.  That is the best way to deal with your Atheist.

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