Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are You Redeeming the Time?

Ever felt like you were on the shelf?  Like you have gifts and talents and skills and you were not in a position to use them?  I have been in that position for a couple of years, so the question that keeps turning over and over is, how do I redeem the time?  Paul tells us to make the best use of the time in Ephesians 5:16, so how do we make the best use of our time when we are on the shelf?

1.  Learn.  You should always be a student of God and His Word.  Read His Word, read good books, read commentary and do devotions and attend Bible Study.  Prepare yourself for whatever may come in the future by learning all the things God will teach you.  Be a student.

2.  Pray.  When you are on the shelf, you should have some extra time.  Use that extra time to bulk up the prayer life.  Spend time praying and listening.  Develop a good habit of prayer during your time of exile or prison or being set aside.

3.  Give.  This doesn't always mean money, give time or talents or resources.  Spend time giving back.  Support something or someone, a missionary or a mission agency.  Take what you have and invest it in the kingdom.

4.  Invest in somebody.  As you are learning and growing, pass on what you have learned to someone.  Have some friends that you can share what God is teaching you.  Try writing a blog, it works for me.  Invest what you have in someone who needs it.

Before long, you will find yourself back where God is using you.  God has a purpose for your time in exile, and when you look back you will see His hand at work. Keep your head up and be ready for the blessings that He will send your way.

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