Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Does A Miracle Look Like?

To start let me say I'm not a cessationist. I believe in miracles and God doing amazing things. I have been praying lately that God would show me a miracle. I want to see God do something supernatural firsthand.  I have been praying to see fire from heaven, bushes burning, sick healed and dead raised. I have been looking for the big miracles, but I have had to stop my thinking about miracles as my short list.

I have been thinking about the miracles God is already doing in my life. First, I consider who I am in Christ as opposed to who I would be if I was apart from Christ.  The change in who I am, my personality and character traits in a miracle. I would not be kind,  hopeful, loving or patient without God. I would be bitter,  jaded and angry.

I saw a rainbow as I drove to work today, and considered the work of God's hands.  The fact that light can be refracted and break into colors of the rainbow through moisture can be explained by science, but it's only how. It doesn't even begin to touch why, that God put it there for us.  Can I call that a miracle? Is all I see in creation the miracle I seek? I have to say yes.

I still want to see an amazing supernatural work of God. I am still praying for a mighty work. I ask God to physically heal, to show His wonders and display His power. If He does, I will praise Him. If He doesn't, I will still praise Him for all He does for me. I will give Him glory for creator and sustainer.  There are so many blessings in my life, my amazing wife and awesome kids.  The times God had provided and sustained us. I could never deserve the blessings I have, and I know that is a miracle.

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