Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Reality of Suicide

The top news that everyone is talking about right now is the death of Robin Williams.  Williams suffered with depression and in the end took his own life.  There are multiple opinions on suicide, but as someone who struggles with depression, I want to share mine with you today.  Those of us who suffer from depression, suicide is a thought and temptation that seems to come at random, during hopeless times.  There is a feeling that there is nothing that can be done to escape the torment of depression except to die.  It's part of the sickness, it's part of the reality of depression.  There seems to come a desire to end the despair of life, and for Williams, that desire was so strong he took his own life.

I am fortunate, my depression has been managed that I haven't hit that point.  Depression causes isolation and isolation makes suicide all the more obtainable.  I have never been truly isolated, so my depression has never taken me to that point.  I will admit I have thought about it, and times I have prayed that God would take me home.  Committing suicide has never been a real option for me, but for many who struggle with depression, it's a reality.  Those will depression will tend to drift towards isolation, if you want to save them, save them from isolation.  Companionship could be the thing that saves their life.

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