Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Shadows will Come, a Review of Surviving the Shadow: Coping with the Crisis of Life

Pastor Dr Don Brackbill knows what it is the survive the shadows and walk in the dark doubt of uncertainty.  I know because I served with him for several years as he walked in his trial with his wife.  It was a stress and a pain that would darken the horizon for any man.  As a Pastor, Don struggled with caring for his wife, for his church and for those things that God gave him oversight of.  In this book, he unpacks those things he dealt with during the darkest days.  He shares his heart and what God did to carry him through the dark times.

Read this book.  Just get it and read it.  You are going to have issues, problems and struggles.  You will face health crisis and you may have to watch someone you love suffer.  I know that they two years I watched my parents die of cancer that I walked in the shadows and survived.  Walking with Don for a short time during his journey, I learned more than I could have imagined about faith, love, devotion, faith and trust.  During this time, Don had compassion for church members unlike any I had seen or have seen since.  Instead of focusing on his trial, he focused on what God was doing.

You need to read the story of this couple, and you need to see the hope that God gave him during the shadowy time.  You will need this hope as some point, if you haven't experienced it already.  Pain and trials will come, and you need help to get through these times.  Don's words and wisdom will help you through these times and trials.

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