Monday, June 16, 2014

Fairness vs Sovereign Omniscience. A Review of God is Not Fair by Jennifer Rothschild

There are difficult questions to ask in the Christian faith, and Rothschild does a masterful job at dealing with one that I have dealt with myself.  When it comes to healing and miracles, is God fair?  Why are some healed and some not healed?  Jennifer Rothschild is blind and has prayed for healing since she lost her sight at 15.  She deals with the question of why she isn't healed, others have been healed.  Why do some have miracles and some do not?

This is a question that I have asked.  I don't suffer from blindness, but I have my issues and flaws, and I have those in my life who have health and physical issues.  I have also lost both parents to cancer when I was in my early 20s.  Why are some healed of cancer in this life, but my parents had to physically die before they experienced healing?

In this book, Rothschild reviews, tackles and tries to make sense of this question.  This book came at the perfect time for me, dealing with these same questions.  I know people experiencing healing and miracles, but I have not seen the same thing where I am.  The questions keep coming, why am I not seeing healings here, but they are happening in places close by?  Why is God moving in some places and not in another?  There is no simple or quick answer, but there are answers.

All I can say is read the book.  It's well written, and a good blend of theology and human struggle.  Rothschild writes in a way that is easy to read, like having a conversation.  I was apprehensive when I first got the book, I am not a fan of emotional writing, I find it difficult to relate too.  This book was not that way, and Rothschild gave me great things to think on.  I highly recommend this book, worth the read.

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