Friday, June 20, 2014

Are We Living In the End Times?

If you have Facebook, you see what is happening in the world right now.  What was once called evil is now called good, the price of food continues to rise, conflicts and wars are everywhere.  Things are bad, are we living in the end times?  Is the return of Jesus just around the corner?  I can admit that I hope so, that the idea the my family and I could go be with Jesus without being separated by death and pain and suffering is pretty sweet.  So is the end of the world at hand?  Are things as bad as they can get?

I'm going to say no.  That may shock you, since things are bad.  Churches are saying that what was once considered a sin is now ok for pastors.  I am referring of course to the PCUSA affirming same sex marriage, legitimizing homosexual relationships, which the Bible condemns.  These are dark days, but if we look back in history, we see that days have been darker, even in the church.  The church as a whole became so corrupt at one point that men began to rebel.  Many of them were killed, and we all know about the Spanish Inquisition.  Men and woman were burned alive for reading the Bible.  Things became so corrupt in the empire that we had the Protestant Reformation.  It's by the grace of God that Martin Luther survived, he had to go into hiding for fear of death.  Things were dark, and they had been dark before.

The Roman Empire was could have competed with Sodom for their depravity.  Men of power and influence often had a companion of a little boy.  We would never elect a senator in this country who had a relationship with a young boy, yet it happened in the Roman world.  We all know the stories of how Christians were persecuted, burned alive and fed to lions.  Things were dark.

In the world, there have always been times of darkness and depravity.  Christians have suffered in China, Middle East, under Communism and Paganism.  Things have been dark, but the light has always broken through.  The light, however, is beginning to dim in this country.  My prayer is revival continues to spread in Africa and China, that the power of the Gospel will some day send missionaries to the US.

So is the end at hand?  I don't know, Jesus said no one knows the day.  It might be right around the corner, it might be off in the future.  No one really knows, and if they say they do, run.  I have no doubt that we are closer to the return of Christ than ever before, but the darkness of the world is always with us.  We must continue to be vigilant to combat the dark world and fight the spiritual battles.  Continue to pray for the time that Christ will return.

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