Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Resume

Jeffery “Dan” Barnes

1119 S. Linn St, Sioux City IA 51106

Objective: To utilize my skills and knowledge, using my skills,  education, leadership combined with my experience to bring growth and success in the industry I partner with.

Work Experience

August 2014 – Present, CHS Inc
Responsible for operation, basic maintenance and cleaning and sanitation of decanter style centrifuges.
Function in a team setting in a production environment.
Teaching, training and assisting in all areas of my job with team members.

December 2012 – June 2013 Wigman Company
Worked as a team to receive, check and stock products.
Assisted customers and filled orders.
Assisted with all areas of the functionality of the warehouse and it's operation.

Associate Pastor for Family Ministries
2008-2012   Heartland Community Baptist Church, Sioux City IA
Functionally served as VP of the organization.
Partnered in creating and implementing a discipleship process that teaches, trains and equips believers for the service of the church.
Administrated and facilitated the growth of Sunday School, Life Development Classes, and Small Groups for all age groups.
Mentored individuals and groups for the purposes of serving, leading and discipling.
Created Ministry opportunities to grow new leaders.

Associate Pastor of Youth and Education
2005-2008         Desert Sky Baptist Church, Casa Grande AZ
Functionally served as VP of the organization.
Developed and implemented a comprehensive program, covering all aspects of the Christian life for youth.
Worked as part of a staff to develop church ministries, and developed a strategy for reaching our community.
Worked to create a comprehensive educational program, including Sunday School and discipleship time.
Utilized and introduced new technology in our worship service and church.
Led a growing group in study, activities and ministries that promoted spiritual growth and health in the lives of the students.

Director of Student Ministries
2003-2006         Gila Valley Baptist Association, Pinal County, AZ
Served functionally as Head of organization.
Organized students and churches to set up programs and training for students.
Started the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Central Arizona College with small groups and studies.
Recruit students to start Bible Studies on campuses around Pinal County.  Involves instruction, training and working with students to help them develop programs and studies.


2003-2008          Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Scottsdale, AZ
Completed 54 credits, earned a  Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership with a 3.57 cumulative GPA.
Participated with other students in various activities.
Worked with other students on projects and assignments.

1997-2002           University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
Earned BA in English Literature and completed several hours in Secondary Education
Completed practicum hours in classrooms
Participated in campus organizations and activities.
Served in the Leadership role in the Baptist Student Ministries, and aided in other Christian organizations and projects on Campus.
1995–1997         Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Spring, WY
Completed credits in pursuit of my BA in Secondary Education.
Completed practicum hours in classrooms.
Participated in and founded campus clubs and activities.

Skills and Qualifications

Leadership training and experience.
Supervisory training, coaching and mentoring training and experience.
Experience in freelance writing, blogging, editing, reviewing.
Clerical, office, computer and technology experience with extensive troubleshooting experience and training.
Experience working in teams, organizing teams and building partnerships.
Mechanical and electronic knowledge and experience.
Warehouse and pipe yard experience, forklift operation.
Continuing education is a diversity of fields and area.
Proficiency and success in writing and publishing material.
Extensive public speaking, teaching, training and group leading experience.
Experience with customers, clients, members and served in capacities that overlap with retail, HR, Customer Service and Communications.
Extensive experience and excellence in communication and team building.

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