Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shooting, Stabbing and a Fallen Society- Time for Prayer

In 1962, the ruling was made that students could no longer be involved in voluntary prayer and Bible reading.  Since 1962, things in school have become progressively more complicated and even down right scary.  In our schools today, around the country there has been shooting, stabbings and all imaginable debauchery.  It seems like every week we hear something new.  Security keeps increasing, but we can't seem to stop the problem from continuing.

Years ago, disgruntled postal workers shot coworkers, and the term "going postal" was coined.  Now, this is happening is shopping malls, parking lots, schools, and in stores.  The issue keeps growing, recently I have heard about a couple shooting police officers and innocent bystanders before shooting themselves.

Where did we go wrong?  At what point did life stop having value?  We abort babies, dismiss and toss aside the elderly, students kill other students.  In the movies and on TV, we see lives taken constantly.  We have grown callous about the loss of life.  We have taught our kids that they have evolved from animals, that they have no real value and are just animals.  Life has stop being sacred, we no longer feel responsible to God.

We live in a day and age of fear.  We are afraid to get on an airplane, go to school, drive on the free way or go to work.  All of these places have been the locations of violence.  Malls, movie theaters, churches, homes and everywhere in between.  Maybe what we need is God's people to pray, I mean really pray.  Here is my suggestion, let's start to pray.  Let's gather daily and pray together for God's spirit to flood the land.  Every day, before work, before school and before the day begins.  Students can't pray in class during instruction time, but they can meet together before school to pray.  They can meet in the cafeteria during lunch and pray.  Adults can meet before work, during breaks and have a time of prayer.  We can pray, we should pray, we need to lift up our country and ask for God's spirit and presence, for His renewal.  In 1962, much of the "official" prayer stopped.  Maybe it's time we pray without being told it's ok.

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