Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If You Can't Be Productive, at Least Be Amusing

Life is hard.  Money is getting harder to come by, and the price of stuff keeps going up.  They raise the bottom, and up goes the ceiling, so no one really gets ahead.  Time is always in short supply, and to top it off, things break.  That was vague enough that you can probably relate, we all know that life is hard.  People are frail and bad things happen, so what do we do?  How do we make it through the daily grind of life's in and outs.  I learned a valuable lesson years ago, that not everything has to be productive, as long at it has some entertainment value.

Now, we all know that when we sit down to watch TV.  That is unproductive (unless we are watching educational tv, which is neither productive or that amusing).  Maybe what you need is some amusement time away from the TV.  When is the last time you threw a snowball at someone?  Living in Iowa, we have lots of opportunities for that.  When is the last time you acted goofy with your kids, or your friends kids, or some stranger's kids in the mall?  Sometimes we need to break out of the serious mode and act a little goofy once in a while.

In all seriousness, we know that one of the most devastating factors on health and wellness is stress.  Stress will destroy you, which is why Jesus reminds us not to worry.  Stress won't add time to your life, it will actually take it away.  Stressing never fixes anything, and sometimes we need to break out, have fun and do something that is amusing.  It's good for the soul to be a little silly, even at work or church.  I have enjoyed my job so much, and it's not because I have the most amazing or amusing job, but I work with great guys who crack me up.  Find some joy in the every day, and if it's not there, put it there.  Maybe you are the only stress relief others will find.

So, to sum up, relax some, have fun and be funny.  It will do you some good, and even if it doesn't, it will probably help those around you.  Enjoy life, this is the only one you get.

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