Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks Rick

Well today Rick Warren gave the prayer before our new President was sworn into office. Rick gave us a new mantra in the church. Be purpose drive. We have purpose driven churches and lives and connections and youth. We are driven by a purpose, so I am thinking a little.

What is the purpose of this blog. Part of it is to write. I enjoy the process of writing, but I need to improve, so I write some stuff down. A blog made pretty good sense. I have taken this blog in a thousand directions, I have been theological, I have been historical, I have complained and ranted, I have asked questions. Has it benefited me any? Has it benefited you as the reader any? Now if it sounds like this is a nail in the coffin sort of blog, don't be alarmed, I'm not deleting my blog.

I have found myself becoming lazy with my blog. I don't put time or thought into it. I think what I enjoyed initially about the blog is it challenged me to think. I read some blogs today, I caught up on SBC Impact, I've read some other blogs I have feeds for. I have realized I haven't thought very critically in a while. I have become mentally lazy.

My goal is to think more critically and write more thoughtfully. I have goals and dreams for writings and projects, but I am mentally turning into the Pilllsberry Doughboy. I'll work on it.

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