Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A bird in the hand and a burning bush.

So I had lunch at Carlos O'Kelly. I had the corned beef chimi and potato burrito. Just kidding. It did give me some smokin heartburn. At lunch I heard one of the other pastors at the other end of the table talking about how young people in the church don't want pad answers anymore. That is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I don't want to hear the cliches we use in the American church anymore. No one really knows what half of them mean. "Give it to God". I've never met anyone who can actually do that. What does that really mean? You can pray and ask God to help, you can try to relax and meditate on the fact that God can, has and will take care of you. How do you take a situation and give it away? It's a cliche. It's not helpful.

Have you ever heard this one "just climb up in God's lap"? What does that even mean? Does God have a lap? If so, where is it? How do we live that out? I think we tell people these things cause it's safe and easy and we don't really have to invest. Well I'm not gonna say em anymore. It's no wonder that the number one complaint of people outside the church is that the church is irrelevant to their lives. That is horrible, instead of teaching the foundational truths from the word of God, we've given our cliches and made it seem irrelevant. That's worse than Irish/Mexican salsa. Peppers, onion and cabbage?

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