Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Statistical arminians

So I am reading a book written by a very famous research organization. I struggle with many of these books because they are very Armenian in nature. I think I understand why. When you have corresponding data, what we do and the results, it leads you to very performance oriented thinking. We try to work a method, we try to change things, and if we do it on our own power, then people accept by our works, leading to free will theology. Armenian theology.

So how does it really work? Paul said “I planted, Apollos waters, God gave the increase”. So we work and we toil, but in the end, it’s God that does the work. It grows when He wants it too and it doesn’t when He doesn’t want it too. It’s independant of our work. So by all means, work, but in your work make sure you are giving the glory to God, because the work is really His work.

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  1. I personally am a fan of statistics because they can give you an insight that you may not see on the surface; however, I agree completely with your statement that they can easily cause us to become task and performance oriented and leave the Spirit completely out of the picture. The question for me then is when do statistics cause us to become "bloody nosed" pharisees because we're too focused on the performance?