Monday, August 11, 2008

Random thought about the US Postal Service

Ok, so I was on the porch, checking the mail. It was Saturday. I thought "there won't be any mail tomorrow" and realized that Sunday is the only day of the week the post office doesn't deliver mail. I think that's a very interesting fact, have you noticed how many government institutions are closed on Sunday. Even banks now are open half a day on Saturday, but closed Sunday. I am all for this, but how long do you think it will be until the ACLU begins to sue places for being closed on Sunday. After all, a day of rest was God's idea, to take a day of rest is the promotion of a religious ideal, isn't it? To not allow someone to bank or send mail on Sunday.

How is it that the church begins something, then the state takes it away and tells the church they can't have any influence. If I wrote a book, and someone else took the book, then changed the book and said I could no longer have any say in how the book was written, published or marketed, I would be upset. It was God who started the institution of marriage, it was a church function and ordained and watched over by the church. Now that state took marriage from the church and is now telling the church they can't participate in the dialogue about how marriage should be. It all seems silly to me.

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