Tuesday, August 26, 2008

perfect evangelism

So I am trying to put together some evangelism material for Heartland, and I realize the gigantic pile of material I have acquired. There is more evangelism material then there are people using the material. So many strategies, which one to use, what to choose and what to choose from. Have we made sharing our faith more difficult by making it simple? Have we lost the focus of relationship, of caring and of connecting with people by condensing it all into a rehearsed, pre-planned routine? Maybe so, maybe not. I guess I'll just begin to wade into the sea of material that is the modern day evangelical curriculum, and hope I can make sense of it all. . . without drowning.

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  1. There are a *ton* of different evangelism outlines and programs out there to choose from... but there are few that focus on repentance and grace. Consider defining in simple terms the gospel message and the path of salvation and use that criteria to rate/rank the options.