Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,
     I am not writing to endorse you, I'm not even writing about your campaign or election. I am writing you today because I want to make an observation on something you recently said. I know that sometimes we say things later we wish we could take back, and I hope that is the case with this statement. To summarize the statement, you basically said you have never asked God for forgiveness, you just go on and make things better.  I want to address this statement and share with you what you have probably already heard. I want to share it anyway.
     Each of us has opportunities to make good and bad decisions. We have opportunities to tell the truth or lie, to help or to hurt. As humans, we are for the most part selfish and evil. We choose the wrong thing and we do the very things God tells us not to do. We don't love God and we don't love other people. We break God's laws. God gives us the basic rules called the 10 Commandments. We break them so often. Our hearts are selfish, our motives are selfish and our deeds are often evil.
     God is holy and righteous and because He is holy, He does not tolerate sin and punishes it accordingly. Sin is punished by eternal separation from God in a place the Bible calls hell. We all deserve hell because we are evil. There is no one who is a good person when we stand before a holy and just God. There is hope and good news, and that comes from Jesus.
     We owe a penalty we cannot pay, it would be like someone paying rent for an office space using paper clips. If they don't have US currency, they cannot pay rent. We owe God a debt of holiness, but we don't have any of our own. We have things we say are good, but they are not holy. We need some holiness, but we can't get any. The debt piles us every day and there is no way to pay for it. Jesus, however, has all the holiness we need. He has the ability to pay our debt for us, and as a result we give Him our life. He takes our broken, selfish and sinful life and covers it with His and our debt to God is paid in full.
     We turn from doing things ourselves, we trust Christ to be the Lord and master of our lives and follow Him. Now Mr. Trump, I've never met you, but I know you are a wealthy and powerful man. I am sure there are a few things hard for you. To admit you are wrong I know must be hard, it's hard for us all. To admit you are weak and helpless before God I am sure leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I am sure the idea of someone else having control of your life isn't something you are excited about either. I know it must be difficult to have all this worldly wealth a power and then submit to Jesus. You aren't the first rich guy to have this problem.
     I am going to pray that Jesus will touch your heart. You may be rich and powerful and you may even become the next President of the United States, but all the gains in the world will be nothing compared to your soul. An eternity of hell is not worth a life of pleasure and wealth. Mr Trump, my hope and prayer for you is that you do ask for forgiveness, that you trust Christ and give your life to Him. Nothing else really matters.

Dan Barnes
The guy who owns this blog (and very little else)

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