Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Common Sense Diplomacy in Our Political Climate

I watched Obama's speech,  well some of it yesterday.  I watched him cry. I'm not a big Obama supporter,  I don't agree with a lot of his policies and I don't like how much my health insurance costs have risen. That being said, I think many of the attacks against him are unwarranted. He is wrong about a great many things,  but he makes some good points too.  Maybe we need to become more diplomatic and less hostile to move forward in this country.

First,  I support the 2nd ammendment.  I'm a gun owner and soon to be a concealed carry individual. Banning guns will not work, it's unconstitutional and makes no sense. Criminals will still get guns just like they get illegal drugs. That being said,  there is wisdom in making some common sense changes. I heard Obama say that with the technology we have now,  we can make things safer. I agree,  trigger locks have become more and more advanced,  and they are a good safe guard. We can find ways to make guns safer, reduce the risk of accidental discharge and shootings. It's a good idea.

I also believe the idea of a gun free zone is not effective,  we should increase armed guards. Hospitals,  schools and even commercial venues like malls and movie theaters could benefit from armed security.  We can utilize our National Guard to protect their home communities.  After all,  the National Guard was created to guard our nation,  right?  Let's let them do that.

I'm a conservative, I stand pretty far right on most things,  but I know that this is a country of all different opinions and philosophies,  and maybe we need to find more common ground and less reasons divide. After all,  this is our country,  not just the Democrats,  not just the Republicans. Maybe it's time to focus more on the ways to make things better and less time degrading the man who sits in the Oval Office.  That's my opinion.

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