Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Change Like Frog

I have written quite a bit about the issue of true change/discipleship vs behavior modification. Let's face it, behavior modification is easier, we can just get people to act like us, talk like us, even think like us. The problem will be the number of people in hell who have no idea why they are there. They will say "we were in church and did stuff for church" and Jesus said "apart from me, I don't know you". The truth is that behavior modification doesn't save people, it requires saving faith. Without faith, without grace and conviction of the Holy Spirit, an individual is not saved.

The smaller issue when it comes to behavior modification is that it can't make us perfect. The law cannot make us perfect, and behavior modification is basically New Testament law, which Paul warned us about over and over. At some point, even the strongest person will fail. We will blow it because we cannot keep the law. When we are focused on behavior modification and then we blow it, then what do we have?  It's a problem.

Sometimes I forget that it's about growing to be more like Christ and not just changing my behavior to act like I'm suppose too. It's a process of changing my mind and my thinking. Those changes effect my actions and behaviors. It's more like learning to ride than getting zapped by lightening. It's like slowing going from a tadpole to a frog, it's not an instant change. We need to understand that we are being transformed by grace and faith. We need to give grace to others and grace to ourselves.

I pray that you will reject the theology of behavior modification. It will leave you empty and broken. Instead embrace a God of grace and limitless patience who is changing you at the right time.

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