Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's It To You?

I often think about how much I am like pre-Pentecost Peter. After Jesus rose from the dead, He had a conversation with Peter. Peter was worried about something else. Why was Jesus focused on him? What about the other guys? What about John?  What is he gonna do? Peter didn't want to be the only guy doing the work.

I fee like that sometimes. I see people at work and complain about what they aren't doing. I see them slacking off and get upset. I look around to see what people are doing, or not doing. Sometimes we are like that in the church. We look at others and focus on all the things they are not doing. We get upset that they aren't doing what we think they should. They are not carrying the weight, and we look at Jesus and say "what about them Lord"?

Peter asked in John 21:21, "what about this man"? Jesus replied to Peter and to you and to me. Jesus looked at Peter and said "if I will that he remains till I come, what's it to you? You follow me" (vs 22). When I see people who I think are not working hard enough, not my issue. People in the church not working to my standard? Not my issue, it's God will take care of them. My job is to do what I am suppose to do. I work at work, I work at church and I do what Jesus is called me to do. Just follow Jesus.

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