Thursday, January 30, 2014

Atheist Farmer revisited

I wrote a blog a while back about the oxymoron of an atheist farmer, because a farmer knows dependence on God more than anyone. Living in the middle of the mid-west, I've known a lot of farmers and they all believed in God. I received several notes from individuals claiming to be atheist farmers. I have no evidence they are farmers, they might be. What I don't believe is they are atheists. I don't believe in atheists. I believe in angry people who have convinced themselves they are atheists. Let me explain before you flame me with hate comments.

We are wired to believe in God. Little kids believe naturally, you'll never meet a kid who doesn't believe unless they have been conditioned to not believe. Let to their own, kids believe in heroes, superpowers, higher authorities and God. As we age and grow, we get hurt and jaded and bitter and angry. At some point, people have hurt and are treated poorly, they experience loss and pain and they blame God. They look to logic and science and find reasons to trust something other than God. We can't get revenge on God, so our anger and hurt and bitterness becomes disbelief. We try to hurt God by denying His existence. This is our revenge, to attack God.

Some atheists have become bitter by association. An angry professor, a jaded parent, a hurt friend has convinced them there is no God. Someone has pushed out faith and replaced it with skepticism.  Either way the nature of people to believe in God is repressed and usually replaced by a negative emotion.

Many atheists are angry with God and decide to take it out on the people who do believe in God. They lobby to have God removed from any area of public life. Many people don't believe in Santa, but don't try to remove him. Santa is a being who sees you and watches you, judges your behavior and rewards you with gifts or punishes you with lumps of coal. Santa has less grace than Jesus, yet those who don't believe do not try to remove Santa from schools and public life, yet they find Jesus offensive. Why? Simple, they are angry and want to punish God. They attack by saying there is no God, yet are angry with Him. Anger replaces belief.

Now I am sure there are many atheists who will tell me I'm wrong, that they are just educated and logical. They will claim it's all myth and fairy tails, but the anger that comes with them has a root. The anger than many atheists feel when they read an article like this one is the same anger that causes the atheism itself. It's hard to to admit for the atheist that they are not an atheist, they are just angry, hurt and jaded. I pray for healing in the heart of the angry atheist.

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