Saturday, December 21, 2013

Don't Be That Guy

You know that guy?  You know that guy!  That guy who does that thing.  Ok, let me be a little more specific.  There are certain types of people that just make most people a little edgy.  They make your hair stand up and you feel like you are walking on egg shells.  Let's talk about the different kinds of "guys" that you should never be.

"The Offended Guy".  This is a label that is often put on left wing liberals, but "that guy" can be any political or religious group.  When you say something they disagree with, they become offended.  This guy is really in the news lately with the whole Duck Dynasty thing.  I'm not gonna blog on that.  Someone believes something that contradicts you, says you are wrong, you get offended.  In Christian circles, charismatics offend the non-charismatic, the liturgical offend the evangelicals, Catholics offend Protestants, Calvinist offend Traditionalists and bloggers offend everyone.  Someone is always crying about something someone else said.  Don't be that guy.  Toughen up and realize it's not all about you.  If someone says "I think Calvinism is evil and of the devil to destroy the church" and you are a Calvinist, suck it up.  That person is entitled to their opinion, right, wrong or really stupid.  If a traditionalist says that Calvinists are lame, or if I say I have strong doubts that most people who hold Traditional theology are even saved, it's an opinion.  It's a view, it's not worth getting all hurt and crying about.  Stop crying and complaining, stop whining on Facebook and blogs and Twitter.  Grow up, stop being hurt.  Don't be that guy.

"The Know Everything Guy"  You know, the guy who starts sentences with 'actually' just before he tells you why he's right and you are wrong.  The guy who has an opinion about everything, and he is always right and if you argue with him, he will drop some sudo-logic term.  I swear if I hear or read one more person call my statement a "straw man" when they have no idea what a logical fallacy even is, I'm gonna throw up.  It's a cop out for the know everything guy to keep him from being wrong.  If all else fails, he'll give you the "well it's open to interpretation".  It's usually not, but the know it all guy can't be wrong.  He is right all the time about everything, and you are wrong.  He is usually in charge of something that gives him all sorts of infinite knowledge.  Whatever, don't be that guy.

"The Back Stabbing Smiler".  You know,the guy who is all nice when he is face to face, but will slander you to everyone else.  When you disagree or have a falling out, he will say it's ok, he forgives and he wishes things were better.  When you leave, he's gonna tell everyone why you are a loser, you are to blame and you are generally a bad guy.  Don't be this guy, this guy is like a cancer that goes around eating joy.  Sucks the life out of you and will destroy relationships and community.  Don't talk bad about people you don't like.  It's bad enough you don't like them.  I know it's hard when someone offends you, but if you are gonna bash someone, do it too their face.  Don't be smiling and happy, while hiding a knife behind your back.  At least be open enough to say "I think you are a loser".  Don't become so good at being fake you forget who you are.  Don't be that guy.

"The  Band Wagoner".  Have you ever met someone who changes their opinion after every seminar, class, show or book?  Suddenly they are on to the next big thing.  The new celeb walks in with a new idea and suddenly they are the expert.  They learn something new and it's all you hear about for week, until something else new comes along.  Even worse is the guy who hangs out with this guy and follows everything, getting excited about every new fad.  Don't be that guy, and don't be his lackey.  Don't stand in life for 3 days for the new Iphone, it's crap just like the last iphone.  Ok, sorry, had to bash the iphone, but you get the point.  Don't just follow for the sake of following, that's not cool at all.  Don't change your opinion cause someone else changed his opinion, and fads are fads, quit chasing them.  Don't be that guy.

"Drama King"  You have seen drama queens. . . in middle school.  Ok, they are in high school, college and everywhere else.  Worse than a drama queen is the king.  The guy who always have a problem, an issue and something to complain about.  His job, his family, his pain and his terrible burdens.  He will dump his problems on total strangers, and demands attention and sympathy all the time.  Life is always such a struggle, and he always has it worse than you.  If your head hurts, his head, neck and shoulders hurt.  If you had a long days, his was longer.  If you are broke, he's in debt. . . to a loan shark no less.  Always something to whine about.  Don't be that guy.

I know in life there are times when we know the answers, we find a new idea that is really great, things are going bad and we have to warn someone about the guy you were just polite too.  Sometimes we get hurt and offended from time to time, we all have these moments.  That is ok, just have your moment and move on.  Don't stay there.  Don't build a house there.  The world is full of trials and hardships, the last thing we need is "that guy".  Don't be that guy!

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