Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daniel Fast, day 21

Well today is my last day of the fast.  In some ways it seemed to go fast.  I lost some weight, still not sure how much.  Had some trials, the discipline was hard, had a trip for some training and eating away is hard. There was a lot of temptation, but I stuck it all the way though.

I went into this fast thinking that I was going to experience and learn something profound.  I didn't, instead I learned something much more valuable.  Stead, consistency and moving forward one step at a time is much better than some profound experience.  Mountain top experiences are great, but you can't sustain them forever.  You end up in the valley, the key is learning to be stead.  You may miss the peaks, but you will also avoid that valleys.

Through this time, I went to work, read my Bible, prayed, enjoyed time with my family, aside from what I ate, my life didn't change a great deal.  As I searched and long for some epiphany, some great truth, a profound experience with God, I realized that I wasn't going to have a profound experience with God, and that was my profound experience.  I live in connect with God every day, I am in His word, I am praying (not enough) and I am studying.  I live with God in my life, so why I was expecting something unique and profound is beyond me.

I feel pretty good, and I have lost some weight.  I am glad I did this fast, and I will probably try to increase my vegetable consumption in the future.  I do miss sandwiches, and I plan to hit Jimmy Johns tomorrow for lunch.

I didn't blog as much as I wanted too during this experience, but the reality is that life continued to happen, and I ran out of time.  It was a good fast, it was a good experience.  It's later in the afternoon on the 21st day, I'll make me some veggie dinner and will finish the day with prayer and time with family.  It was a good experience, I may do it again someday.

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