Sunday, November 6, 2016

Update on my Physical Condition

In my blog, sometimes I share some personal information, so that is what I want to do this morning. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I've been having some back issues. A quick synopsis, I have a bulging disc at the L4, L5 vertebrae that is putting pressure on a couple of nerves and a nerve root. The doctors have said it's a very large bulge and it's leaking fluid, so there is a nice mass of stuff. The pain has continued to grow, I have pain in my back, down my left leg and my left foot hurts and tingles and has numbness.

I went to the doctor and got some anti inflammatory meds. They didn't help. I then got some steroids. They didn't help. I got an epidural flood. It didn't help. I went to see a spine surgeon, and he said I need to have the disc trimmed and take the pressure off the nerves. I have that scheduled for Friday, Nov 11th.

I'm ready to have the pain gone, it is getting progressively worse and keeping me from doing. . . well much of anything. I am a little nervous about surgery because, well it's surgery. I have had generally good experiences surgery, but my last surgery about killed me. My wife isn't real excited about me going into surgery either, our last experience wasn't a good one. My other concern is that what looks like fluid leaked out of my disc may not be fluid. There is a very small chance that it's a tumor. The doctor doesn't seem to concerned, but my dad had symptoms just like mine, and his turned out to be a tumor in his spine. I am a little concerned about the amount of cancer in my family.

If you are so inclined, you can pray for us in a couple of ways. First, I would really like some relief from the pain. Second, that surgery goes well and there are no other issues. Prayer for our finances would be appreciated, I'm off work right now and will need to be off for a few weeks post op. Pray for my family as they have to deal with me being out of commission for a while. Thank you so much for reading my blogs, for your prayers and support. I love you guys!

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