Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016, What Did We Learn?

What happened last night shocked most of the nation, I'm sure the national media had the biggest shock. I was watching NBC, and they were very straight forward that they missed it. They had not listened, they were very wrong. There is no secret that the media in this country is left leaning, and they were clearly in the Hillary camp. The entire camp was shocked as Donald Trump took state after state last night. NBC was straight forward and Glen Beck was guest interviewed and shot straight himself saying "I have done a bad job listening".

What this election has shown is the country is upset, angry and no one was listening. This was a vote that sent a message to the media, the establishment and to the powers at large. They are tired, they are upset and angry. There is lots of anger, and I want to break down what I think the biggest points of contention and frustration are over. Again, this is my opinion.

First, I think that most Americans are unhappy with the liberal agenda. Increases in taxes, open borders, rises in health care premiums, and progressive policy. The majority of Americans are not progressives, they are not excited about the redefinition of marriage, late term abortion, amnesty or illegal immigrants, protests, riots and BLMs, and the increase in welfare. A majority of Americans want lower taxes, less regulation, more opportunity with less government involvement. That what they said last night, right or wrong, agree or disagree, this is not a liberal, progressive nation. Those conservative values still exist in many places, and the media and government has ignored it for too long. The Obama Administration ignored it, Congress ignored it and the Supreme Court ignored it.

Supreme Court justices was probably one of the biggest issues in this election, and America responded by saying "no" to the liberal nominations. America doesn't want late term abortion, same sex marriage, gun control and restrictions on religious liberty. America has spoken, and the media and the government needs to make some changes.

If you are a progressive liberal, it's time to realize that your voice, your opinion isn't the only one out there. Your view is not necessarily "correct", even though in your mind, same sex marriage and abortion are the "right thing to do", there are many who don't agree. They believe you are wrong, and it seems those voices are the majority of the voters in the United States. They have spoken, and time for progressives to step back and listen to conservatives for a change.

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