Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Fear is Real, but It Doesn't Have to Be

When my wife came home from school today (She's a librarian at a public school) she told me some heartbreaking things. A little girl who I think is Hispanic asked Elaine is she heard that Trump won the election. She then asked if she thought she needed to run and hide. She isn't alone, many are afraid today after a Trump victory, afraid they will be put in jail, send away or killed.

People are afraid, and I don't blame the Trump camp entirely. Yes, Trump said some things in a pretty harsh way, but nothing that should make a little girl afraid. There is fear of deportation for illegals of course, but that was always the case, Obama did support amnesty but the law still existed.

Much of the fear in exists in the LGBT community, Mike Pence is not a great friend of the LGBT. In reality, the Trump campaign was mostly silent on the issue with the exception of the appointment of Constitutional Justices for the Supreme Court. The fear is not coming from the Trump campaign, but from the rhetoric used by the Hillary crowd.

Republicans aren't innocent, we have talked about the destruction that would come at the hands of Democrats, first Obama and Hillary. We talked about how Obama would destroy the economy and turn us all into Socialists. The economy is doing ok, and we are still Capitalists. Obama did some things I don't agree with, but he hasn't be the destruction of the country.

It's time to stop the rhetoric, we need to stop talking about the opposition like they are Satan or the Anti Christ. We are all Americans, we are suppose to be on the same team. The bottom line is, the children are listening, and right now they are scared of the elected Commander and Chief of the United States. This shouldn't be the case. I know I need to show respect to all those who God has appointed to lead, our current sitting President and the one who will follow. This goes for all our leaders and public servants. Let's stop the hateful rhetoric and behave like civilized humans.


  1. First off, your god did not appoint him president, the scared white elitists did. Secondly, as a Hispanic (though American born) female, I am honestly frightened for my safety and my security. He is a misogynistic jerk who thinks its ok to objectify women, including your wife, daughters, aunts, mothers, and sisters. I hope and pray to all that is good and sacred that I am wrong and he is indeed good for our country, but I honestly do not foresee that happening. By his actions and by his words he has shown himself to be nothing more than a pig and a misogynist. Granted the other option of a Lying traitor isn't any better, but I still don't trust someone who cant be trusted to act like a gentleman at least in front of the camera.

    1. I think your fear is elevated by sensationalism. He isn't a man of high character, but he isn't going to rape, pillage or plunder.

      Yes,the Bible teaches that God appointed all leaders, even if they were elected by angry (not scared) white people who are tired of the liberal, progressive ideology that has pushed too far too fast.