Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Real Problem with Socialist Politics (Bernie Sanders)

We have an upcoming Presidental Race, and unless you've been under a rock you have probably heard for Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a Socialist and wants to redistribute wealth and create social equality. The ideal form of this is what we see in Star Trek, were money and wealth are no longer necessary, where needs are provided for every person. As a result, socialism assumes that if people don't need to worry about the basics like food, shelter, safety and medical care, they will turn their energy to furthering society. It's assumed that if we don't need to use our energy for self-preservation, we can use our energy to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilization.  Sounds good, right?

Here is the issue, socialism assumes we are basically good at the core and care about society. Guess what, we don't. How do I know? Millions of homeless vets, we want to government to take care of them, but no one is giving up their house (very few people anyway). People are not giving them food, clothing or shelter, so we are asking our government too. There is a huge battle raging over Syrian refuges, if the government should give them shelter. I don't see people crawling over each other to give their stuff for their needs.

The reality is people are selfish. We are self centered and we want for us. If we have want we want, we lose our motivation. We work for a pay check, if you take away the pay check, we stop working and we do things we enjoy. Yes, some volunteer and help out here and there, but the line for those wanting to get is far longer than those who are wanting to give.

Want more proof?  How much food do we throw away each day? All that food that could be used to food the starving. They don't have the resources to pay for it, but many of us do, so we get it. Farmers sell it to us, because they take the money to pay for their stuff. They pay for their stuff from others who supply what they want. The poor, they are the people who don't have anything we want or need, so they don't have any. Stop using your money for anything but bare necessities and use the extra money to buy stuff for the poor. No more movies or TV or books, just pay for food, shelter, clothing and what you need to live. Take the rest of your money and buy food and shelter for the poor. Don't want too? We are selfish.

The Biblical word for this is sin. We are sinful and selfish. To assume that humanity will take care of each other is a pipe dream. If it worked, we would do it without the government telling us we have too.  Let's be real people, we are selfish and self serving. That is why we need Jesus and not Bernie Sanders.

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  1. the 'status quo' exists for the homeless while Christians build great suburban Churches with all the comfortable amenities for their families . . . and tax-free at that

    I think the reason Our Lord came was to shake up the status quo, big time, and for that, He was crucified

    but the story isn't over, even if today's Christians feel that they need those great Church venues . . . even if the homeless go hungry, even if we ignore the voice in the wilderness or the handwriting 'on the subway walls, the tenement halls' . . . our devotion to the status quo condemns our witness to Christ and for that, there is no excuse and certainly no explanation . . . none